Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You at Your Absence

Today is the beginning of the Kurban Bayram - the time of sacrifice for those who surrender to the will of Allah in the Muslim faith.

To share, I would like to pass on a poem by a Turkish poet. Peace to All.

You at Your Absence

I am not alone again, as always
I am with your absence at this far-eastern night

Twenty five thousand kilometers between us
You live winter, I live summer
You are in one half of the world,
I am in the other half
Still, your absence does not leave my hand
You are even more 'for me'
That burning nakedness of you, in flames
Is a thousand times more beautiful than your presence
And as your hands talk about the deepest secrets
I don't want to write to you without saying that
We love each other across twenty five thousand kilometers

Aziz Nesin

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R. said...

Sana da iyi bayramlar canim...