Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arrival in Andalusia

Monday 23rd February 20.30 - I walked out of the 'Arrivals' hall of Jerez airport and into a starry Andalusian evening. I was carrying 2 bags. One baggage of 15kg that contained my few clothes; and a 10kg hand-luggage that contained this laptop I now write upon, and a few books. Inside my jacket pocket was a Western Digital 250GB portable hard-drive.

By 21.30 I had arrived at my destination. A hilltop 'Blanco Pueblo' (white town) that dot the Andalusian landscape from Cadiz to Costa la Luz. It was a warmish barmy evening - good for February...

I put my bags down and walked through a cave passage onto the private terrace. Ahead of me was an expanse of landscape; above me the stars sprinkled a clear night sky; below me was a direct 400 metre drop to the dirt and river below. I am literally situated on the edge of a cliff, at the end of a hilltop is tranquil... yet when the wind blows, it howls like a banshee!

Tonight the Levant wind blows... or rather it shrieks around the cliff walls outside... it is now 20.45 and I'm thinking of cooking a little tomato, onion, and garlic. The vegetables here are home grown and the tomatoes are as big as oranges... and the oranges are as big as melons... outside in the courtyard stands a sole lemon tree - soon it will spring into small white flowers; later it will sprout lemons the size of melon-sized oranges...

The new Glenn Campbell album is playing through my laptop speakers...

El futuro es abierto...

Yesterday I wi-fied the house; so I can keep my 'electronic eyes' roaming on the Net-world... as I drink a chilled glass of sherry... This year is the quickening ... changes erupting all around us ... I'm now listening to Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and the wind is howling like a true beast too...yet the Levant is a warm wind... phew!

Everything is possible - I don't know what the future will bring; where I will be, or what I will do once my money runs out... In the meantime, I guess you sometimes need to create movement in order to attract a change in our Universal energies... so they notice you :-)

In all and everything, we should live within each moment and enjoy the adventure. And bless each one of us for being here. We are all a part of something great and wonderful - if only we have to keep reminding ourselves.... I'll remind you if you'll remind me...




Saturday, February 14, 2009


A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R - A

The term originated from the Aramaic.

The original Aramaic meaning was "I will create, as I say"

Later translations:

"What was said has been done"

"what was said has come to pass"

"I create as I speak"

"I create from Nothingness as I speak"

A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D
A - B - R - A - C - A
A - B - R - A - C
A - B - R - A
A - B - R
A - B

Monday, February 09, 2009

Some thoughts

Here is an extract from the latest 'Wings' posting from Karen Bishop:

The more we evolve, the more things purify and become simpler. Thus, it is very common for us to have only a very few friends or connections as we evolve to the higher states of being. Higher energy creates connections that are more direct and simple, with a simpler purpose. The higher we evolve, the more our shared purpose is simply about love and respect, or perhaps companionship. In the lower dimensions, we may overlap with another because we share a love of bowling, or with another because we share an interest in dogs, or even with another because we may each have a passion for community building.

As we evolve higher and higher, we shed off any lower vibrating energies, and thus, simplicity is the result. Thus, we have fewer and fewer friends and associations until there are enough of us at a certain level of vibrational reality. And the higher we vibrate, the more we dis-connect from relationships that involved support for one another, as we find that not only do we not need supportive energy ourselves, but we no longer wish to give support either, as this state of interaction does not exist in the higher realms. So then, relationships for this purpose may cease to exist as well...

...What are some of the things that may be holding us back from experiencing this energy? Holding onto anger because of the past is one. We were “held hostage” in the lower vibrations for so long because we needed to be around some lower energies in order to bring them up a notch or two. We may have felt misled or used and abused during this time. In order to move ahead, we really need to let go of any resentment. We may also have resentment and anger from any of these situations from our long ago past as well. We are free now and in order to experience this new freedom, it can really help to be free in our thoughts as well.

Too many responsibilities is another scenario that can hold us back. Letting go of as many things as possible in our lives, and making our lives as simple as possible can really help.

Getting out of the system in as many ways possible as another assist. The old system is rapidly falling now, and in addition it really has some entrapment energy as well.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Snowy Leicester

Snowy indeed... 10cm in one morning... I slipped through the gate in my village, snow in hair, freezing collaterals...

Into the churchyard next to our family house... my G-D it was peaceful: was I the only alive member here...?

I guess I was - nothing/no-one else rocked, jitterbugged, nor popped up... I had the snowy earth to my lonesome wholesome...

So I crept between and betwixt the gravestones like a Dickinsian character... I saw a dove doing a fly-past and a blizzard-tongue licked my inner-ear.... warm soup would be nice; or a warm embrace...