Thursday, August 31, 2006

Then there is Kyron

Much has been talked about concerning the New Energies that have shifted into alignment on this planet. These energies are different from the old frequencies, and are here in order to assist in the 'phase change'.

Useful in this regard is the channeled information given by the Kyron. Of note is the recent UN 2006 Channeling.

For some, this material will not seem appropriate. For others, it may appear to come at the right time. You may 'warm' to it or not.

This is for you to decide.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Spy of the Heart

Seeker of Truth Robert Darr became interested in Sufism through the writings of Idries Shah, and was the member of a Shah group for over 10 years. Then he decided to learn Persian and travel to Afghanistan to see what was really behind it all.

Robert Darr draws a distinction between Shah’s writing (which he sees as working) and the groups which Shah directed, which he describes as all being problematic. He writes that his meeting and spending time with the Sufi Ustad Khalili liberated him from that structure.

Robert subsequently converted to Islam and became Robert Abdul Hayy Darr. His book of travels and encounters in Afghanistan is called 'The Spy of the Heart'. From the forward:

'Between 1985 and 1990 I travelled in and out of Afghanistan delivering medicines and humanitarian aid to those affected by the war with the Soviet Union. I learned Persian while working with the refugees and became friends with many of them. While there I observed how the war brought religious fanatics to power and attracted militant zealots from all over the Islamic world, and how the United States funded organizations that preceded and helped shape the Taliban. These were seeds that would lay the groundwork for the events of September 11th, 2001.

Although it includes some political analysis, this book is also an exploration of Islamic spirituality. It was within the chaotic setting of the Afghan war and its sectarian struggles that I was drawn into the heart of Islam—ultimately to convert. After decades studying Afghan culture and spirituality, I felt it was time to share what I have learned from my companionship with various teachers of Islam and from my efforts to follow the Sufi way.'

The book is available online as an e-book here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Effort...and moving forwards

Living through experiences requires gaining tastes: when specific tastes have been acquired they can then resonate with other 'experiences beyond the veil' - as like attracts like. Pushing through these experiences require effort, and trust in oneself... and letting go the trivial.

As Idries Shah says in 'Knowing How to Know':

'When people have a hard task to do - one which stretches them - they become less concerned with trivial matters. If you have not registered this yet, observe it in yourself and in others, and you will see that it is true.

When there is an emergency, for example, something which takes up a great deal of attention, triviality is reduced. In order to enable people to be less trivial, and to tackle things which really help them develop, they should undertake tasks which provide the right kind and degree of stretching.

People who have achieved great things, genuinely effective accomplishments, will be found to have done so through this method: stretching. When it goes wrong, people apply stress, not stretching. Stress is damaging and does not product constructive results.

Mistaking stretching for straining: labour for exercise, is what causes a great deal of trouble.

When triviality disappears, even temporarily, people are able to work at a higher level. This is true of all kinds of human endeavour: it is to be seen in attainment of all kinds and also even in a social milieu: people who are less trivial are more respected.'

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leave differently

Leave differently from how you came.

Everything that you need exists in this present moment, and this moment is all that exists.

A brief flicker - brighter that atomic sparkles.

In the nowness of now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What holds us together

Everything spins in its own orbit: nothing stays still or static. What holds us in these orbits? What is the force that compels creation?

Creation is formed from one force only. Negativity cannot create - it does not have that kind of power. Creation is the force of attraction. Everything is pulled together: a life is lived through attraction. The coming together.

Everything conspires towards this coming together. Even those things we thought of as a hindrance: shade protects us from the sun; darkness allows rest and brings the dawn; hurt allows us to experience the absence of joy.

There is nothing that is not: all is

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nikos Kazantzakis

I haven't mentioned the Greek writer, thinker, philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis here - yet it is now time. He wrote a book called 'Saviors of God - Spiritual Exercises'.



First Duty

1. WITH CLARITY and quiet, I look upon the world and say: All that I see, hear, taste, smell, and touch are the creations of my mind.
2. The sun comes up and the sun goes down in my skull. Out of one of my temples the sun rises, and into the other the sun sets.
3. The stars shine in my brain; ideas, men, animals browse in my temporal head; songs and weeping fill the twisted shells of my ears and storm the air for a moment.
4. My brain blots out, and all, the heavens and the earth, vanish.
5. The mind shouts: "Only I exist!
6. "Deep in my subterranean cells my five senses labor; they weave and unweave space and time, joy and sorrow, matter and spirit.
7. "All swirl about me like a river, dancing and whirling; faces tumble like water, and chaos howls.
8. "But I, the Mind, continue to ascend patiently, manfully, sober in the vertigo. That I may not stumble and fall, I erect landmarks over this vertigo; I sling bridges, open roads, and build over the abyss.
9. "Struggling slowly, I move among the phenomena which I create, I distinguish between them for my convenience, I unite them with laws j yoke them to my heavy practical needs.
10. "I impose order on disorder and give a face - my face - to chaos.
11. "I do not know whether behind appearances there lives and moves a secret essence superior to me. Nor do I ask; I do not care. I create phenomena in swarms, and paint with a full palette a gigantic and gaudy curtain before the abyss. Do not say, 'Draw the curtain that I may see the painting.' The curtain is the painting.
12. "This kingdom is my child, a transitory, a human work. But it's a solid work, nothing more solid exists, and only within its boundaries can I remain fruitful, happy, and at work.
13. "I am the worker of the abyss. I am the spectator of the abyss. I am both theory and practice. I am the law. Nothing beyond me exists."
14. To SEE and accept the boundaries of the human mind without vain rebellion, and in these severe limitations to work ceaselessly without protest - this is where man's first duty lies.
15. Build over the unsteady abyss, with manliness and austerity, the fully round and luminous arena of the mind where you may thresh and winnow the universe like a lord of the land.
16. Distinguish clearly these bitter yet fertile human truths, flesh of our flesh, and admit them heroically: (a) the mind of man can perceive appearances only, and never the essence of things; (b) and not all appearances but only the appearances of matter; (c) and more narrowly still: not even these appearances of matter, but only relationships between them; (d) and these relationships are not real and independent of man, for even these are his creations; (e) and they are not the only ones humanly possible, but simply the most convenient for his practical and perceptive needs.
17. Within these limitations the mind is the legal and absolute monarch. No other power reigns within its kingdom.
18. I recognize these limitations, I accept them with resignation, bravery, and love, and I struggle at ease in their closure, as though I were free.
19. I subdue matter and force it to become my mind's good medium. I rejoice in plants, in animals, in man and in gods, as though they were my children. I feel all the universe nestling about me and following me as though it were my own body.
20. In sudden dreadful moments a thought flashes through me: "This is all a cruel and futile game, without beginning, without end, without meaning." But again I yoke myself swiftly to the wheels of necessity, and all the universe begins to revolve around me once more.
21. Discipline is the highest of all virtues. Only so may strength and desire be counterbalanced and the endeavors of man bear fruit.
22. This is how, with clarity and austerity, you may determine the omnipotence of the mind amid appearances and the incapacity of the mind beyond appearances - before you set out for salvation. You may not otherwise be saved.

Long out of print and copyright expired this book has now fallen into the public domain: an online copy can be found here