Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Psychokinetic Life

How so necessary it is for humankind to 'think correctly' and to transform those thoughts into transformative energies - human life is about living a psychokinetic life...about coming into contact with great forces on levels above us:

We are now too close to each other for the old kind of individualism to be bearable: the interaction is too powerful. What is in front of us is the need to change to an attitude in which we accept that every man has to serve a cosmic purpose, that every life serves for something, not just for its own satisfaction and not for some otherworldly purpose either.

It may be that the future of life as a whole is more important than the future of man, and there may be demiurgic powers whose task it is to see that life is not wantonly dismembered by the human race. If so, those intelligences can certainly find means to keep human wantonness in check and eventually prepare a new race to take our place if we have to be removed from the face of the earth.

It is an integral and essential part of the psychokinetic attitude toward life that we need and can count on help "from Above". Communication with higher worlds is very much dependent on how we are with each other. The act of worship and certain manifestations that are called ritual enable a certain state of energy to be created in which the whole process of transformation is enormously reinforced. These things cannot happen unless there is full confidence between people.

If this new world is going to be based on communities, as I believe it will, the first requirement is that people shouldn't be slaves to their likes and dislikes. If you can get rid of that slavery, a community will always work.

The possibility of realizing our destiny depends upon a force that is not our own and that has its origin on a much higher level than the human. Therefore, everything for us really depends upon the possibility of coming into contact with that great force.

Man didn't come into this world for nothing. Man is an extraordinary achievement that has required long and difficult preparation. This achievement is not complete. It would be quite a considerable cosmic disaster if this experiment with man on this earth were to fail, and for this reason much is being done to prevent this experiment from failing - not because man deserves to survive, but because he is really needed.

Progress in self-perfecting is not automatic, it requires the use of the right methods and the determination to persevere against all discouragements.

All quotations are from 'Needs of a New Age Community' by J.G. Bennett

Thank You J.G. Bennett

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More than enough...

This is the story of ... The Melon

Traveling, a teacher and his disciple were having a rest. At a certain moment, he took a melon from his saddle bag, he divided it in two and both began to eat it.

While eating, the disciple said:
- My wise teacher, I know that everything you do has a reason. Sharing this melon with me perhaps is a signal that you have something to teach me.

The teacher continued eating in silence.

- By your silence, I understand the hidden question - the disciple insisted - and it must be the following one: the taste which I am experiencing when eating this delicious fruit, where is it: in the melon or my tongue?

The teacher didn't say anything. The disciple, excited, continued:
- And as everything in life has a sense, I think I am close to the answer of this question: the taste is an act of love and interdependence between both, because without the melon there would be no object of pleasure and without the tongue.

- Stop it! - said the teacher - the biggest idiots are those who think they are more intelligent than others and search an interpretation for everything! The melon tastes good, this is more than enough. Let me eat it in peace!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I have decided to make available online most of my writings: this includes most of my poetry collections (going back to 1992); 2 novels (the rest will perhaps never be made available!); and my one and only play.

It is not for vanity that I 'release' these writings - it is more for finding them an online home should hardware ultimately fail...

The writings can be found from linking on my homepage site -


The above image is 'Empowerment' - from Janosh