Saturday, January 14, 2006

Turkish delights...

Some Turkish poets...some words of delight...


There is One Thing I learned from What I Lived

There is one thing I learned from what I lived:
When you live something, you must live it fully
Your lover must be exhausted from your kisses
You must be exhausted from smelling a flower

One can look at the sky for hours
One can look for hours at the sea, at a bird, at a child
Living on this world is being one with it
Growing unbreakable roots into it

When you hug your friend, you must do it with all your power
You must be in a fight with all your muscles, body and passion
And when you lie on the hot sand,
You must rest like a grain of sand, like a leaf, like a stone

One must listen to all the beautiful music
Such that the sounds, the melodies fill inside

One must dive headfirst into this life
Like diving from a rock into an emerald sea

People you don't know must attract you to distant lands
You must live with the desire to read all the books and to know all
the lives
You must exchange nothing with the happiness of drinking a glass of
But for all the happiness there is, you must be filled with the
longing to live

And you must also live grief, with honor, with all your presence
Because grief also maturates one, like happiness
Your blood must be intermixed with the large circulation of life
The never ending, fresh blood of life must circulate in your veins

There is one thing I learned from what I lived:
When you live, you must live big, like being one with the rivers, the
sky, and the whole universe
Because what we call lifetime is a gift presented to life
And life is a gift presented to you.

Ataol Behramoglu


I Will Hide You

I will hide you, believe me
In what I write, in what I draw
In what I sing, in what I say.

You will stay and no one will know
And no one will see you,
You will live in my eyes.

You will see, you will hear
The gleaming warmth of love,
You will sleep, you will wake up.

You will see that the days passing by
Are not like the ones you used to live,
You will lose yourself in thought.

Understanding a love
Is spending a life,
You will spend it.

I will live you, it can't be told,
I will live in my eyes;
I will hide you in my eyes.

One day, you will just start to tell...
You will look,
I will close my eyes...
You will understand.

Ozdemir Asaf


Remaining Silent

There is no word unsaid under this sun..
That is why I say at nights that I love..
There is no word unsaid either at night or during the day..
And I say what has already been said in new forms..
There is no form in the world not tried...
And I remain silent, hiding my love inside...
You hear how my silence screams, don't you...
There are many declaring their love with silence, my love...
But there is no one who loves like I remain silent...

Aziz Nesin

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