Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Golden Portal

In a city two persons where born, at the same day, at the same
time, in the same place. Their lives unrolled and each one lived
many different experiences.

At the end of their lives both died at the same day, at the same
time, in the same place. According to the legend,it is said that
at death we must pass through a great gate of pure gold, where a
guardian makes us certain questions so that we may pass.

The first one arrived and the guardian asked him:"What have you
made of your life?"

The person answered:"I knew many places, had many friends, had
businessess that made much money, my family had the best and I
worked hard."

The guardian asked:"What have you brought with you?"

The person said:"Everything was left behind, I do not bring
anything with me."

At this the guardian says:"I am sorry but you cannot pass,
because you have not brought anything with you."

Hearing these words the person sits down beside the portal crying
with great sadness of heart in not being able to pass.

The second one comes to the portal and the guardian asks :"What
have you done in your life?"

The second person answers:"From the moment I was born I was a
wanderer, I had no riches, all I sought was the love in each
persons heart, my family abandoned me, and I never really had

The guardian asks:"Did you find what you sought?"

The person answers:"Yes, it has been my only sustainance from the
moment I found it..."

"Very well, you can pass...!"

But with this answer the second person says:"The love I found is
so great that I wish to share it with this one sitting here
beside the door, suffering for his fortune..."

The legend says that this one's love was so great that it was
enough for both to pass through the portal.