Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A little death

I sometimes think that we need to die a little iin order to understand how to live...

To nearly die - to experience the brink of death; the edge of living...

so as to experience the passion for life.

Many of those who have experienced near-death, have returned with a new exuberance for life.

Yet so many of us experience life as a lethargy. We trudge through life as we do through mud.

Sleepwalkers. We're so far from being Dreamweavers.

Perhaps a little death will awaken us, make us glad.

Take this body and break it into beautiful pieces: make this drunken soul mad...

Make this beautiful traitor glad.

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JoA said...



I know living isn't an easy thing to do

Or falling in love and singing of your girl

Taking a stroll under the stars at night

Warming up in the sunshine by day

Sneaking out for half a day to take it easy

On top of Istanbul's loveliest hill

- Countless shades of blue flow in the Bosphorus -

And to forget all in the legions of blues.


I know living isn't an easy thing to do

But look

The bed of a dead man is still warm,

A dead man's wrist watch is ticking.

Brother, living is no easy affair,

But dying isn't easy, either.

Leaving the world isn't easy at all.

Orhan Veli