Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sweetest Fruit

A man crossing a field found himself in front of a tiger.
He started to run as the tiger chased after him.
As the man arrived at a cliff he stumbled and fell; yet managed to get a hold onto the roots of a wild vine as he hung over the abyss.
The tiger could smell the man from the cliff's edge, just above him.
Shaking, the man looked downwards where another tiger stood waiting to devour his body.

Two mice, a white one and a black one, began to nibble the vine slowly.
The man saw a bush of appetizing strawberries.
Holding onto the vine with one hand, he took some strawberries with the other.

How sweet was their flavour!


Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Walk Through Paris

I strolled through the terrace of Sacre Coeur, past the graffiti etched into the holy walls like desperate calling cards...

And gazed out over the rooftops to the miniature roofs that lay below as if placed by the fingertips of Angels...

Emblems and signs I saw placed around me, signifying some holy and sacred past that now was forgotten or junked into sacrilege.

So I asked the thinking gargoyle of Notre-Dame for advice, as he had watched the denizens of our species for such a long time...He leaned to whisper to me...

And I leaned in close to hear.... and whilst his tongue licked my ear in truths, we laughed like heretics in ribaldry...