Thursday, November 29, 2007

Truly Important Things

Nasrudín began to chat with some friends. One of them, suddenly, asked him about his wife:

- Oh, my wife! - he said - she stays at home.

- What is her occupation? - the others asked.

Nasrudín shrugged his shoulders and said:

Insignificant activities, unimportant things, small things without any transcendence. She takes care of the work at home, takes care of our children and helps them with their homework, goes to the market, does repairs when it is needed, like painting the house and fixing whatever is broken. She takes water out of the well and waters the orchard, also takes care of her ill mother and my mother too; sometimes she visits her sister and helps her out with the children... those kind of things, small things of no importance.

- and what do you do? - someone asked

- Ah friends, I am truly important, of course! I am the one who investigates if God exists.


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