Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I've just learnt that 'uxorious' means: excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.

Is to be excessively fond of a wife the same as to be submissive?

Is it detrimental to be excessivley fond??

I wonder...


pmo200g said...

Kingsley...you may have caught me at just the right (or wrong) time with this post.

Marriage is a challenge that demands a bit of excessive fondness and submission...in different measures and at different times. As with everything else, the key is moderation. Taking it to the extreme is always detrimental...sometimes it's just a better ride along the way.

Cheers....drink a pint for me....

Kingsley said...

Indeed, I will drink a pint in your honour.

Ride the wave well, friend.