Monday, March 20, 2006

A new albino yeti? What the crab for?

It looks like we have a new friend on the global scene: this is the Yeti Crab - Kiwa hirsuta - Until last year, no one even knew he existed.

Yeti crabs live next to the volcanic vents 7,500 feet beneath the surface, 900 miles south of Easter Island, and they're pretty weird and mysterious creatures: they're blind, albino, only distantly related to other lobsters and crabs and we don't actually know how they manage to survive where they live:

check out this BBC article :

I'm sure soon we'll be finding the Yeti Crab in shop windows as the new must have stuffed toy...

Yeti for dinner anyone??

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JoA said...

another character to be used in spongebob squarepants maybe??