Friday, December 23, 2005

Festive physical over-indulgence

So easy to let it all block the antennae, to interfere with the transmission... what am I talking about?

The festive physical over-indulgence; where the body gets a battering, and the fine-tuning loses its sharpness:

Everything exists in harmony: it may not seem like it from the horror we see in global events; yet the world, and the cosmos, lives through an inherent harmony. All things interact and all things are part of the web. This is easy to forget... the wine flows, food flows, talk and laughter flows...we almost forget that every action, every thought, becomes woven into the world around us...

This may originally have been a Christian holiday...yet there is no religion left in Xmas: it is a time for family, for being together... something I must remember as the wine flows, food flows, talk and laughter flows...

...and I need to remember to be alone in the crowd sometimes: to take time out for reflection...since the work of the cosmos continues, why shouldn't our inner work?

Blessings to All

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