Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Love or Death?

‘We must love one another or die’

WH Auden (September 1st, 1939)

The first day of Ramadam for 2005 was October 4th: oruc tutiyormuyum?

No, I am not fasting. However, as a small contribution I give up all alcohol for the month. My evenings exist in a whirl of chinese tea aroma, curling through the pages of my books against the solitary eyes.

In ourselves do we learn the treasures of our own places. In life do we die many times.

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pmo200g said...

Do I read correctly? Are you giving up pints at the Water Witch? I'm aghast, even if it is temporary...

Actually...not so much's good to center yourself sometimes and doing without can be very centering...