Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living Intelligence

I heard it said that everything is living information; that consciousness is living intelligence that in-forms all living beings... then I heard that...

this programs our survival. we respond to it instinctively, it drives us and implements strategies and actions to control events that are survival patterns to enable evolutionary growth. people who are able to 'tap into' these streams of information find a greater flow in their lives as they connect the dots and work in harmony with the evolutionary impulse and imperative. There are also those who, having s strong conscious connection with the living intelligence, assist to drive and steer physical and energetic processes in line with the Design. The living intelligence wishes to be known, to come forth into greater presence within the physical program of life. The evolutionary design is to implement this emergence between matter and spirit. Energies have been in preparation to hold the living intelligence within the earth's frequencies. Human bodies too have been gradually influenced in order to hold these energies. There will slowly be a 'turning up' of the earth energies in order to permit the emergence of Living Intelligence. Everything will be affected


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