Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Be The Change

God decided to come down to Earth for a quick look at
how his creation was coming along.

He approached Earth and happened to look at a big tree
full of howling monkeys. As He looked down, one of the
monkeys happened to look up and saw him.

The monkey became excited and started to shout:

"I see God.....I see God!"

None of the other monkeys paid any attention. Some thought
the monkey was crazy or perhaps just a religious fanatic.
They went on about their daily lives of collecting food, taking
care of their young, fighting with each other, etc., etc. Not getting
any attention, our monkey decided to try to get attention from God, and said:

"God, Almighty, You are the Beneficent, the Merciful, please help me!"

In an instant, the monkey was transformed into a man living in
his own human community.

Everything changed, except for one thing: the monkey's mind.
The monkey immediately realized *that* could be a problem.

"Well, thank you God, but what about my mind?"
"That, said God, you will have to change yourself."

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