Friday, August 24, 2007

More Honey from the Turquoise Bee

More honey drops from the tantric-pen of Tsangyang Gyatso:

When I held the jewel in hand
I didn't know its worth.
When I lost it to another
The wind of loss howled in my chest.

Small black written letters
Can be destroyed by water or crossed out.
An unscribed figure in the mind may fade
But will never be forgotten.

Lover who was joy to me,
Married to another -
This sickness of mind
Though inside
Consumes the flesh of the body


JoA said...

what is loss anyway? isn't it all a matter of choice? so why weep when all is gone?

Kingsley said...

Welcome JoA....

Loss is not always choice - yet someone once said 'Having no choice is true freedom'...

Nothing is gone forever - more reason for joy than weeping...

JoA said...

thanks kingsley.

but if all is connected, just as people are, then there must be a choice or a will behind it all. maybe it is not ours but it is still a will.

and freedom requires too much sweat, blood, and tears.

and finally, joy and sorrow are twins in a way. both may bring tears to your eyes from time to time and fill you in with unique experiences. the only difference is the reason, if there is any, of course!

by the way, happy birthday! better late than never.

smth you do not know: i finally made it! i flew away to some place. i tried to reach you from helsinki (the land of beautiful men!) but couldn't. What an irony! Lack of mobile communication in the heart of nokia!

Kingsley said...

JoA - Congratulations on the flight to Finland! I hope 'the land of beautiful men' was pleasant to your senses.... and that 'communication' - if not possible to me - was at least possible to/for yourself...