Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boosting the Spirit

DNA is conscious. It is the part of us that retains the knowledge of the reality of consciousness, and thus all life has within the capacity for evolution up to a point where the species becomes conscious of its own existence as a separate form yet in union with the ‘Divine’ consciousness – I use the word ‘Divine’ since there are no suitable words for this ‘whole’ Truth. 97% of DNA is not for regular protein-building: the scientists thus refer to it as ‘junk’ DNA as they have no idea of its function – it is latent:

‘new organs of perception come into being in accordance with need – therefore increase your need!’ (Rumi)

This so-called ‘junk’ DNA holds the code for activating greater perceptive faculties within the body, that then are able to receive, to a higher and finer degree, the consciousness that surrounds and pervades us. It is for this reason that inner teachings prescribe particular breathing exercises and ‘activation’ exercises. Yet the signal is still very weak for us – it needs boosting. This is the role of the ‘Teacher’ or ‘Master’ – they act to booster the signal for us. Let us use a contemporary analogy: our mobile phones don’t always receive a signal, depending where we’re located. Some remote areas are too far out to receive a signal from the main mast, so the company needs to place a mast in that area – hence the thousands of mobile masts that litter our landscape – they boost the signal so that the mobile devices can receive. We too are like these mobile devices: and a Teacher acts as a local mast. This is why there are often reported feelings of tremendous energy when near to a Teacher. When a person is developed enough to have a direct connection with the Divine consciousness, the Teacher’s role is ended. Humanity as a whole needs a boost towards receiving consciousness – for this purpose many enlightened beings have set up energy-centres across the globe. Think in terms of sacred/holy places: temples, places of worship; tekkias – sometimes they are not even recognisable places at all so you wouldn’t guess its true function – yet someone, somewhere is always being helped by these boosting-stations. The design is to accelerate humanity’s shift into conscious beings.

Individuals who have begun to have a better reception of consciousness also give off a ‘charisma’, or ‘energy’ or other similar descriptions of that ‘something different’ – for this reason, people on the inner path are encouraged to spend time with such Friends as it helps to send a signal to them:

‘When you visit a rose garden, would you sit next to the thorns or the roses?’ (Saadi)

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