Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Filling One's House

An old man on his deathbed called his three sons and told them:

'I can't divide all I have into three parts because I would hand over to you very few possessions. So I have decided to give all I have as an inheritance to the one of you who shows he is the cleverest and most capable. I have left a coin for each one of you on the table - take it. The one of you who buys something with which to fill the house will get everything.' The three sons left home.

The first one bought some straw but he could only fill half the house.

The second son bought bags of feathers but he couldn't fill more than the first brother.

The third son, who got the inheritance, bought just a candle...

...and he waited til night came: he lit the candle and the light filled the house.

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