Thursday, June 01, 2006


Nasrudin was talking to a friend:

'So, have you ever thought of getting married?' said the friend.

'Yes, I have' answered Nasrudin. 'In my youth I decided to look for a perfect woman. I crossed the seas, I arrived in Istanbul and met a very spiritual and beautiful woman; but she didn't know anything about this world. I went on travelling and arrived in Cairo; there I met a woman who knew the material and spiritual kingdom, but she wasn't beautiful at all. Then, I decided to cross the open lands and go to Damascus, where I had dinner at a beautiful, religious young lady's house who knew the material world very well.'

'Why didn't you marry her?' his friend asked.

'Oh, my friend, unfortunately she also wanted a perfect man'


JoA said...

wouldn't the world be a boring place if it were full of perfect men and women ;-)

Kingsley said...

We need something to keep us busy...

ma regina said...

...perfection. is there such a thing?
oh, yes, in our minds.