Sunday, November 13, 2005

A place to be

Today was beautiful - a clear blue sky, and a shining sun amidst a chilly yet fresh temperature. So I went for a walk... through my usual paths: down small lanes, over fields, through farms, past the sheep...with the hills and brown fells in the near distance.

And this always gets me thinking similar I to spend more time with Nature, or do I need to exist in the city environment? My research takes me into the technological realms: a wireless future, a socio-technological merger, physical mapping, smart computerised environments, digital-social networks..etc...

and then I have my love to get away from it all. I would indeed love to live in the countryside for my future years; yet why do I spend so much time considering the transformation from nature to nano-nature?

In the past 15 years I have lived in 11 different houses/flats. I have always rented, then moved on: at first I just carried all my possessions in 2 bags: now I need a small van to move. But thats all, just a one-day rental van.

It is truly difficult to see me settled. Life is like a rented time/space for me: I am moving through; doing what I came here to do - what I agreed to do.

Nature is truly beautiful; it's wondrous. Yet there are greater matters to attend to in the grand scheme of things. The cosmos is waiting. And there's a plan unfolding.

So perhaps it doesnt matter where I am: as long as I'm in the place I need to be for that time.

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