Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A place to begin

I wanted this space to be a place for my musings, ramblings, daily events - nothing heavy or overly deep. I have other sites for that. Sometimes we hear that people's everyday lives are so fascinating...better than fiction - other times we read of dullness. This is a fine line I suppose, to exist daily between being unique - being dull. As Rumi once said: "Either seem as you are or be as you seem".

To be ourselves amidst fluctuations - to bind that which we either are or show ourselves to be. Why exist as a contradiction to oneself? Perhaps we are all being a traitor to ourselves in some way...until we learn how to merge all sides.

I met a friend from Bangalore, India these past 2 days - he was 37 looking 47. He plans to retire in 3 years when he is 40. Good luck to you my friend. I am hoping to begin when I am 40. How differently we climb our mountains...

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